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We’ve begun building and you can keep track of us here!

There’s going to be A LOT going on over the next few months for us to open in the fall. We’ve got a lot of big plans and a many attractions coming together to make fall in Fredericksburg a blast. (I’ll post a list at the bottom of this post..) I hope you’ll keep checking back with us as we update our progress.  Check out our gallery to see what we have going on, and keep checking on our blog posts for news and deals. Just because we have a corn maze doesn’t mean we’ll be stopping there.

Guys, Fredericksburg just got even better.


Getting lost can be fun too....
Getting lost can be fun too….














[The promised list…]

Two Mazes, one for Kids and one for Adults.

Wine & Bar

Bounce Pillows

Spider Rack

Apple Cannons 

Hay Rides.

And there’s going to be a lot more.


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